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Finding Faith in the midst of Cancer

Is it easier said than done?  I am reminded of a popular saying, “Its easier said than done!”. So many people like to use this saying when they are faced with a problem or hardships. I was diagnosed with Peritoneal Mesothelioma at the tender age of 21. I remember bits and pieces of the day that I found out, but there is one thing that stood out to me. My doctor at the time stood at the foot of my bed after I had surgery and said these words, “Well Ms. Cox your surgery went well, BUT you have cancer! Mesothelioma to be exact, I’m sorry.” (Then he left out the room) I am sure that anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer has had different responses. For me I really didn’t have a response until later. It took some time for me to comprehend it. Let me remind you that I was in the recovery room because I had just got out of surgery. So, once he said that I looked at the faces of my family members standing around my bed, the fear and sadness that showed up on their faces as they looke…

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