It's your season ! Bible verse

Praise The Lord everybody! Wherever you may be give GOD some praises for waking you up this morning! Today your bible verse will be coming from Leviticus 26:4 " Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase,and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit." 
WooooW! That's a mouthful right there! I take this scripture as confirmation that its my season NOW!  When you hear people say its your season, it means that now it's your time to receive an abundance of blessings from The Lord! It's your time to be blessed beyond measures. This is the time when doors will be opened for you, it's your time to reap the harvest that you sowed. So if you've been praying, fasting, and reading the word of GOD, you know without a doubt that your season is near. And know that you will have a bountiful harvest as well! 

So believe that if GOD said it He will do it! No matter what you've been going through. Things may seem so dark now, it may seem like nothing is going your way, you've been going to church faithfully, praying and asking JESUS to make a way, you've been giving your tithes and offering; and things still seem like they aren't working out. But just take a look at this scripture and be encouraged! Keep telling yourself that your season is NOW! Believe in GOD"S word and stand on his promises.. GOD can't lie! Okay side-note:  I want to discuss tithes and offering a little bit. Okay some people think that if they give money to someone in need that's tithing. Ummm NO that's not so. You give 10% of whatever you make to GOD! Meaning no one else. So you take that 10% off the top and when it's tithing time in church you go up and place it in the tithing box. Then you give a "good" offering. I like to give this analogy, "Giving tithes is opening the window to your blessing but giving offering is opening up the whole door and receiving more than enough." If you wanna give to someone in need that's fine but that's charity not tithing. So give GOD what is owed to him. The same people that don't give their tithes and offering are the same people that be in the same mess and always got their hand out! So give your tithes and offering and make sure you are giving correctly. Don't let nobody fool you out of your blessings. A scripture about tithes that you can read Malachi 3:8,10-11. 
 Okay I just had to put that in there because so many people have misconceptions of what tithing is. Just a reminder , hold on and expect your season NOW! Things are turning around for you! 


  1. I Absolutely Love This. Definitely Needed This, This Morning. God Bless You Sis =)

  2. Thanks now I have more clarity.

  3. Thanks now I have more clarity.

  4. Great Job, I posted your article on my facebook, I hope my kids read it, and it brings them peace and knowledge and that they line up according to God's word as you have.. be blessed.

  5. Your article has piqued a lot of positive interest. I can see why since you have done such a good job of making it interesting.
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  6. Thank you Lord you are a faithful God and a God of abundance. I will reap my harvest. God keeps his promises. Love you my Lord.

  7. Thank you Lord you are a faithful God and a God of abundance. I will reap my harvest. God keeps his promises. Love you my Lord.


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