Oooooooo Gonna Love YOu Forever!

"Lord your goodness , your mercy and your kindness towards me, your love is so amazing it brings me to my knees..."

Good morning readers! Those are the words to "Love you Forever" By Tasha Cobbs . I listen to this song all the time (even got my kids singing it) and I am so excited that we are singing it for convocation.!!! Yay! Lol

This song is so lovely. It's a reminder of how good GOD"S love is towards His people. So if you haven't heard this song I recommend it.... Today thank GOD for his love , thank him for his Grace and Mercy! For those of you that have obtained his divine favor thank him.. Everybody doesn't p have the favor of GOD! Lord I'm gonna love you FOREVER! Remember things are turning around for You! Be blessed


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