Mommy Time..!!!

Today I want to talk about "Mommy Time". This is for all the stay at home mommies, I am one of them. Being a stay at home mom is a wonderful thing but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities as well. As stay at home mommies; we take care of children, husband, home and etc. Some people don't understand the work that goes into being a stay at home mother. We do this all day everyday! Its emotional work as well as physical work. Its sad but their are some people who think that we as stay at home mothers have the easiest job in the world.. Not so... 

Yes we get to stay home..... Yes we can set the pace for our daily routines.. And Yes we need our "Mommy Time"

When I speak of "Mommy Time" I'm saying spend time by yourself, either going out to dinner with friends or walking around the mall something where you can just relax your mind and turn off mommy mode. (Its like I'm in mommy mode so much it stays on in my sleep lol) Women are emotional creatures and things can get a little messy at times. You may be one of those mothers saying to yourself "I need a break!" If you feel like that "You need a break!" Give yourself a time out and go and do something for yourself. Speaking from experience its like I'm the last one I think about, so taking a little time for yourself wont hurt anything.

Somethings that you can do are:
Planning a girls night out once a month or however many times you want.. This way you can have adult conversation and laugh and live a little.
Plan a couples night as many times as you need to... This will give you time to spend with your husband and you can grow closer as husband and wife.
Plan sometime to yourself... You can do anything that is of interest to you either reading, exercising whatever floats your boat...

What it all boils down to is that ladies you need to find some "Mommy Time" that way you can always have a clear mind and be able to handle situations better. Don't drown yourself out and loose YOU! Do something for yourself for once.. Ladies once you start taking "Mommy Time" you will see that things will be turning around for YOU!


  1. I couldn't agree with u more! Really glad I took the time out to read this!!!

  2. Thanks girlie.. Take some "Mommy Time" You're children are at the age now that when they have nap time you can have your "mommy time" then.. I know people say when they sleep you sleep but sometimes you can't sleep and you have to wind down first.. So relax and take a bath and listen to some worship music! Let me know how it goes...

  3. I sure will and thanks for the advice! Much needed!!!

  4. Yes I agree that mommy time is most definitely a must when you are a mother period but especially a stay at home mom. You must take that time out to take care of yourself so you don't drive yourself crazy. Children are a Blessing but we all must have a break every once in awhile. Lol

    1. I couldnt imagine how the stay at home mothers with plus three children at home! wheeeew! lol


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