To Spank or not to Spank...Thats the question..

Alright I want to discuss spanking children... Do you or do you not spank your children. I know when I was a new mother I always said I will never spank my kids... Other things can be set in place instead of spanking... People really looked at me like I was crazy especially my grandmother and my mother in law. They were all like "Yea right T.T.!" LOL

I can now say that I have eaten those words! My view on spanking has changed... I have also found out that spanking is not bad at all.. When I started spanking my oldest children I felt really bad. It probably hurt my feelings more so than it did theirs. lol  Also in the bible it says spare the rod spoil the child. I want to get my readers opinions on the issue of spanking your children. Let me know whether you think its necessary.

Some people may say when you don't spank a child your not teaching them that it will be consequences for their bad behavior; Although others may say place them in time out so they can think about what they did, or take something away from them. But with all that said and done what really works.... I want to know what really works for you. Because we as parents have to let our children now we are in authority and they have to obey. Sometimes my children don't listen to me and my husband always tells me I'm not being persistent and I have to show I'm in authority... I had to find what works for me and that is sometimes spanking.

I know everyone has different situations and you have to plan according to what works for you. But I want to know how do you all feel about spanking and what do you use for spanking your children... The floor is open..


  1. I personally am not opposed to spanking at all although its my last resort. I do believe in redirecting and I have even did the time out method a couple times. I will redirect my children anywhere no matter what and explain to them why they shouldn't do what they did and have them to tell me what they could do better. When I have to speak on a subject on several different occasions is when I spank. Growing up my dad didn't believe in spanking however my mother did very much so! Lol... I think I took a little from them both and found what worked best for me.

    1. Thanks for your comment Sharon. Thats exactly right you have to find out what works best for you and your children. Everyone's kids are different so different things work for different children. I myself am known to be a "Yeller" I will yell and yell but I am working on it and yelling less... lol


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