Today"s song!

Today I have a powerful song that I have picked for you all! This song describes how great and mighty GOD is! Every time we sing this song on the praise team, it moves everyone. I even break down when we sing this, that's how powerful it is.

"Great and Mighty" By Byron Cage If you never heard of this song go on you tube and play it all day! This song is a reminder of how Great GOD is, how Mighty GOD is. He is a Strong GOD, a Powerful GOD! And their is nothing in this whole world that's too hard for him. So when you know these things you know that GOD is turning things around for you and that any situation that comes up know that GOD has your back. So don't worry, don't give up, don't give in. GOD has a plan for you. Great and mighty is our GOD! Be blessed



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