Bible verse of the day!

Morning everyone!
Praise The Lord for He is good! Today the bible scripture will be coming from Isaiah 1:19 "If ye be willingly and obedient , ye shall eat the good of the land ."

Now in this scripture GOD was speaking through Isaiah (one of the great prophets). Letting the children of Israel know that yes you have done all these wrong things but if you come to me and obey my word the best crops of the land is yours. He was letting them know they can have the best of the best not wanting for anything; if they just be obedient.

In today's world GOD"S word is still valid! All of these horrible things going on in the world. People doing this, people doing that and going against GOD. This word applies to us today as well! If we all come to GOD willingly and obey his word we can eat the good of the land, we can have the best of the best. GOD will provide all our needs and give us our hearts desires! Nobody can't make you come to GOD you have to be willingly. That means you have to come on your own accord. Your parents can be pastors but they can't make you come to GOD, even though they want you saved they can't make you be saved. You have to want to be saved, you have to want to come to GOD! I like the saying obedience is better than a sacrifice! Indeed it is because, when your obedient to the word of GOD that means you are faithful, trustworthy, and honest. GOD has no problem honoring his word, He always honor his word cause He can't lie! But you can't be disobedient and expect for GOD to show up and work things out for you!

So when you read the word of GOD be obedient and follow his instructions. He will never leave you nor forsake you! Start practicing obedience and it will take you a long way! Don't back slide and don't let no one pull you down. If you started doing better and going to church , keep going . Don't be obedient one week then the next week go back to your old ways! Be obedient to the word of GOD so his will can be done in you. Remember things are turning around for You!


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