Bible verse of the day!

Good morning folks! Praise The Lord! Today the bible verse will be coming from Romans 8:37 "Nay, all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us."
I want to encourage you on today and to let you know that you are more than a conqueror! Look in the mirror and tell yourselves that today! Some of you may need to say it every morning to remind yourself who you really are. Some of you right now are letting the devil beat on your head and making you feel helpless, like you are nobody! Don't let the enemy know he is winning! You are more than a conqueror that means the victory is already yours!

Remember that you have power in what you say so speak victorious things. Don't say things like "the devil know he won today!"and things like "that right there gonna be the death of me!" Why would you say that and you know your words can and will come to past! I tell my mom all the time when she say that to stop saying that. My sister even started saying that! There is power in your words so watch what you say please! If you having a yucky day say "I will have a blessed and productive day in Jesus name!" "Lord give me strength" speak to the enemy don't be afraid tell him to get back and stay back! Declare that you have already one the battle. GOD is on your side! Speak a living word over your life people! Make it a great day and know things are turning around for You!


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