Mac and cheese please!!!

Okay I want to share this Mac and cheese recipe with you all! Mac and cheese is my husbands favorite dish. Well one of his favorites! LOL my Mac and cheese so good I welcome you to a "throw down" to see whose the best! Lmbo

I may look like I can't cook but I can put some tasty things together in the kitchen.. I have no clue why people assume I can't cook! LOL Do you suppose to look like Paula dean or be a grandma? LOL well folks here it is. My Mac and cheese recipe! I call it semi-homemade!

1box of mac and cheese dinner (any brand you prefer, as long as it has the velveeta type cheese)
1/2 stick of butter
2 slices of bread (for bread crumbs)
1 can of cream of chicken (secret ingredient)
1 cup of milk
Salt/ pepper (to your liking)
1 teaspoon of oil
1 bag of shredded cheese (which ever kind you like, I use the Mexican blend)

So boil your water, add a pinch of salt and the teaspoon of oil. The salt is to season your noodles and to make the water come to a boil quicker. (It works for me) The oil is so the noodles won't stick.

When the water comes to a roaring boil add your box of noodles. Cook them until they are al dente, it means to cook until they have a bite to them ,don't cook them until they are mushy.

Drain most of the water and turn the heat down to medium. Once you do that add your butter, salt and pepper and stir. Then add the can of cream of chicken stir that in as well. Add your milk next, you can put the milk into the can of cream of chicken. This way you can get all of the cream of chicken out the can. Add the creamy cheese packet that came with your noodles and stir. When it comes to a boil add half of the bag of cheese and stir in. Let boil. Mean while toast your two slices of bread. And pre heat your oven to 350 degrees.

Also get a large baking dish out and when your Mac and cheese comes to a boil take it off the heat. Now you can transfer what's in the pot to the baking dish. Once you have the oooey gooey Mac and cheese in the baking dish, spread the rest of the cheese on top. Crumble your toasted bread over your Mac and cheese as well. Place in oven for about 15-20 mins, your cheese should be bubbling and your Mac and cheese shouldn't be runny. Take it out oven and let stand for about 5 mins. Enjoy and tell me how yours came out!


  1. Alright now. I got the recipe for the famous "mac-n-cheese"! I have to try it out and let Mike know! Lol

    1. LOL make it so you can let him know how good it is! Lmbo


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