"Date Night" Do you ever have them?

Today I want to talk about "Date night" this subject is so important to the married couples out there. Especially the ones that's in the 3 or more kids club! Lol

Life can have your life in a busy world wind from school, work, bills, businesses, kids, church, and just life itself! But to my fellow marriedtains (I just made that word up) lmbo Take some time out for just you and your husband or you and your wife. Rekindle the fire that you two once had, get some love bug sparks flying again. Get back to why you two fell in love. Don't let life consume you and you're so busy with everything around you that you have left out your husband or wife!

When you let everything else consume you and you don't take the time out to spend with your spouse ( I am excluding sex here lol ) I'm also not talking about dinner either. Who actually talks at the dinner table anymore? Besides the same old same old "how was your day?" Or telling one of the kids to sit down and eat the food. Some people don't even sit at the table for dinner anyway! I am talking about "quality time" with just you and him/her. No kids! You start growing apart when you don"t spend time together. You get so comfortable with it that you let your guard down and inviting temptation to come in. Think about it. If you all use to have date night laugh talk whatever just spent good quality time together, and now you've had kids, got your careers flowing and you don't pay him/her no attention (besides everyday rituals) haven't had a date night in a year!!! When a man shows her some attention , that's gonna get her mojo working. No I'm not saying your wife will cheat but what I am saying is that women love attention from their husbands. It makes us feel loved, wanted, pretty , and very appreciated! If another man shows her some genuine attention don't get upset. Because that's one of your duties as a man!

So take some time out each month and spend some QT with your husband/wife . Don't let life separate you so much that its hard to rekindle the fire. Let your husband/wife know that you love them. Men if you bought candy, cards, flowers etc. all the time you were dating why stop when you get married? Keep it going! Don't start something just to get her but keep it going to keep her! It doesn't have to be a special occasion or holiday but just because you love her appreciate her and care for her! Same goes for my ladies too! Take time out for your spouse and schedule a date night! Remember that things are turning around for You!


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