Bible verse!

Good-morning everyone! I pray all is well your way! It's such a beautiful day that The Lord has made. Today your bible verse will be Psalm 75:1 "Unto thee O GOD, do we give thanks,; Unto thee do we give thanks, for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare."

Praise GOD for all He has done! Just as the song says "Every praise is to our GOD!" This scripture is telling you to give GOD thanks for all things. He is a good GOD. He is a great and mighty GOD! And He deserves all the praise. If we had a thousand tongues we couldn't thank him enough but still give GOD the thanks for his wondrous works!

Be blessed and no matter where you may be give thanks to the King of Kings, The Lord of Lords! And thank Jesus for his blood covering. Remember things are turning around for You!


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