Being saved and still enjoying life!

Hello folks!
I hope all is well your way! Today I want to talk about being "Saved" and still having a good time! A lot of people don't mix "good times" with being "saved". Let me just say this alcohol or drugs don't make you have a good time! Neither does going to the club!

People really have a misconception of what being saved and filled with the Holy Ghost is! When you are really saved and filled with the Holy Ghost all that stuff you use to do will drop off! No more clubbing, drinking, smoking, listening to worldly music, gambling, lying, cheating, stealing etc. I could go on for days but I hope you get the picture.

Let me give this scenario: If you say I'm gonna go to church this Sunday and I'm get it right with GOD! I wanna be baptized. Ok you have made a step that's great. So you get saved (remember Acts 2:38) and you get baptized, you doing good for about a week or two. Then one of your friends call and say" girl I've had a long week lets go out for drinks or lets hit the club!" What are you gonna say? If you are really saved and filled with the Holy Ghost you wouldn't agree and go with her. Once you do that your inviting the enemy in again and he gonna keep riding you! And all that which you did Sunday is thrown out the window... So you must receive the gift of the ghost!

Therefore when you get your mind made up that you wanna get saved and give your life to Christ you have to be willingly to give up everything that's not pleasing to GOD! Drop it off! Don't be afraid that you gonna miss something. The world has nothing to offer you . The world and its things will perish but Jesus will reign forever! Don't think about what your friends gonna say because if they were true friends they would follow you to church, if they were true friends and they knew you got saved they wouldn't influence you to go to the club...

So getting back to having fun and being saved! When you first get saved the enemy will come in like a flood to try to turn you back but you have to resist him don't let him win! Claim your victory. Instead of going to the club and coming home smelling like a pack of new ports and black and milds, find something else to do! You can still have a ladies night out with out getting tipsy , do something else with your friends. I know some people like "well its nothing wrong with having a glass of wine every now and then Timothy drank in the bible!" He did that for his stomach element they didn't have the medicine that we have today! So don't try to turn the scripture around to fit you! Or say "as long as I don"t drink to het drunk!" Well what you drinking for if you don"t wanna get drunk?" I am not downing anyone for drinking or whatever, what i am saying is if you say you saved you wouldn't have no dealings with things like that!
Also when you "stressed out" pray about it ,listen to some worship music why you gonna listen to some usher or whoever else to ease your mind? You do that you just telling the devil "come on in" get you some gospel music. Be a willing vessel give GOD All of you not just some of you on Sunday morning but HE wants all of you. Everyday 24/7. Let The Lord use you, let His will be done in you and through you. Thats like getting married to tour husband/wife and you got someone on the side, is that giving your husband/wife all of you? not so. (even though thats another subject! LOL) If you clubbing on Saturday and on the choir on Sunday what's that telling GOD? You playing , don't play with GOD! So go out to eat with friends, laugh and talk. Go to the movies, go to the spa, go rock climbing lol. Sin does not equal fun! The wages of sin are death you see it on the news everyday. Don't go out like that.

Life is good when you are solely living for Jesus! Enjoy life but enjoy life on the right side living for Jesus to the fullest. So when you get saved give it all up! And watch GOD step in and come to your rescue each and every time you need him. Be a saint don't be an ain't! Make it a great day !


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