Decisions Decisions !

Hey everyone!
Today I want to talk about decisions.. There comes a time in your life where you have to make some tough decisions. It can be wether to move to a certain place, accepting a job position, or wether to continue being in a relationship that you haven't seen any growth from.

Well let me tell you that when it comes down to making these hard decisions you need guidance from GOD. Because yea we may think that it's right and its best for you, but GOD may say otherwise. Things that may seem like the easier choice may not be the choice for you! Sometimes when you find yourself in a situation over and over again it's probably because you keep choosing the easy way out! Yes you do need to learn from your mistakes. But you also need to learn how to face things head on when they come up! You can't always run from your problems.

Grow up and say I will face this situation and I know I will get the victory because GOD has my back! HE did say that HE would never leave you nor will he ever forsake you. When you find yourself at that crossroad and you're saying to yourself "should I go this way or that way?" "I wanna do what's right for my family!" Seek Jesus and place everything into his hands. And it's up to you to wait until he sends you an answer or a sign to let you know what to do. Don't go off on the deep end and try to make the decision on your own! You will probably regret it.

And for my married couples if you all don't agree on a decision; husbands don't get mad because your wife don't agree with ,you are not gonna always agree. Same goes for wives. And if they don"t agree that does not mean you have the right to make them feel bad either because they don't agree with what you say! You have to learn how to compromise. Thats the key compromise! And if its a major decision that you have to make, then you both need to get on your needs and start praying . And wait on The Lord! Yes you may think well this is the best decision for the family! It won't hurt to pray about it and ask GOD for instruction.

Decision making is apart of life! Indeed it is but don't make a decision too quick and also don't dwell on it too long. Seek The Lord and HE will lead you in the right direction. GOD will never lead you astray! Remember things are turning around for You!


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