Bible verse of the day!

Good morning! Good morning! Praise The Lord for He is good and worthy of all the praise! Today for your bible verse I have chosen 1Peter 5:6 "Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of GOD, that He may exalt thee in due time."

If you have been doing everything that's right in GOD"a eyes and you saying "Lord when are you gonna bless me?" "Lord why do it seem like everybody is being blessed but me?" Yes you are faithful to The Lord. Yes you go to every bible class, yes you attend all the services,yes you pray and you fast,yes you read the word of GOD. Continue doing what your doing! Don't give up and know that all those things you're doing are not in vain. GOD sees everything you are doing and just as the scripture says He will exalt you in due time. He will send your breakthrough, He will deliver you to your wealthy place. Trust me when I say that faithful pays. The Lord will give you double for your trouble.

So hold on, stay strong, keep being faithful! Your season is coming! Your breakthrough is on the way! Better days are ahead! Remember things are turning around for You! Make it a great day!


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