The bible verse of the day!

Good morning everybody!

Praise The Lord as well! Thank GOD for thinking so much of us to let us see another day! And thank Jesus for his blood covering! Today the bible verse will be coming from; Philippians 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." I am gonna rewrite this to make sure it seeps down! "I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHICH STRENGTHENETH ME." I hope every one has it now! Lol

You should say this everyday you wake up! Because the reason why your able to go through life situations is because Jesus gives you strength to go through to get to. You may be facing a tough situation at home, or at your job, even at school. But if you just call on the name of Jesus! Say," Jesus you know what I'm going through , I need you to send help and give me the strength to get through this!" You must know that you can't make it on your own. Jesus knows you are about to hit a bump in the road, he can see the curve ball coming at you; but He is waiting on you to call upon his name and seek his face and ask for help and strength!

Don't be defeated in your mind about the task at hand, don't even give them enemy room to come in. When you are facing a situation just call on Jesus and remind yourself that you can do all things through Jesus, because He will give you strength! The Lord is my strength! So don't be defeated and don't quit! Know that when you call on the name of Jesus the devil has to get back. There is Power in the name of JESUS! May you all have a blessed and productive day! Remember that things are turning around for You!


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