Bible verse of the day!

Good morning every one! GOD is so good! I know I'm posting a little late then usually. (Had to get some cleaning done! LOL) Today for the bible verse I chose; Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Some of you may know this scripture by heart and have heard it over and over again. But let me say this., you need faith. Faith is firmly believing in something. Having confidence in someone or something. When your praying you have to really believe what your praying for. You can't always have a weak mind ! A weak mind will get you no where but bound up inside! You have to have faith in GOD and Jesus. Put your trust in them! When you have faith and stand on the word of GOD! He has no choice but to honor his word for you! First of all he can't lie!

Someone can pray for you all day and all night but if you don't have faith then they are just blowing hot air. It's according to your faith, not someone else's. You have to be the one who believes.

So as the saying goes "get your mind right" . When you read the word of GOD believe the word and you will watch the word come to past! Be blessed and make it a great day!


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