Bible verse of the day!

Good-morning my readers! I pray that all is well your way and hope you all had sweet sleep on last night. Today the bible verse of the day will be coming from Matthew 6:6 "But thou, when thou prayer,enter into thou closest, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thou father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward you openly."

Prayer changes everything! Prayer changes everything! It is so true. Find you a special place in your house that you can go and pray with out any interruption. And pick times out during the day that you go and pray. If you are at work go to your car and pray. When you pray you are keeping the lines of communication open between you and GOD! I love the saying "Much prayer, much power; little prayer little power!" If your prayer life isn't consistent and strong then that gives the enemy room to come in and beat on your head. Your prayer will change your situation it will build your faith and will let The Lord know that you are faithful. Because you don't mind taking time out to talk to him!

Some may say "well I don't know how to pray!" It's simple if you don't know how to pray just go into your special place you have designated for prayer. (It can be a closest, bathroom, laying on the floor wherever you choose.) Start calling on the name of Jesus, just say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Oh Jesus, Jesus! (Its something about the name Jesus!) Keep calling on him and after awhile He will come and you will find the words to say. Don't let a day go by without you praying!
Don't let a min go by with out you saying "Thank you Jesus!" Keep praying and keep the airways open between you and The Lord! You never know when a situation may arise and because you've been praying its already taken care of... So pray more and you will see things turning around for you! Be blessed and make it a great day!


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